Dec 9, 2006

Employers Snubbing Reservists

We need a law, not one to punish employers but one that rewards employers who follow the rules and provide jobs for reservists.

In an USA Today article writer Barbara Slavin states that claims by reservists against their employers are up 30% from 2002. Many small companies find it impossible to fill in for our called-up reservists and are forced to replace the position. Instead of creating an impossible situation for both the employer and the reservist, the government could offer a reasonable tax credit to the employer kicking in when the reservist is reinstated.

Ms. Slavin also quotes Retired Marine lieutenant general Dennis McCarthy, executive director of the Reserve Officers Association, a private advocacy group, acknowledged the deployments can be difficult for employers, particularly small companies. "That burden is an acceptable cost when it's compared to the value of reserve service to our country,"

I say why does that “acceptable cost” have to be borne by the small employer who can afford and work around it the least. If you were an employer, would you hire a reservist likely to be called up for a year. They deserve a reward for the disruption that a call-up forces upon their businesses.