Jan 5, 2007

E-mail to Sylvester Stallone

Dear Mr. Stallone:

First congrats on your new movie, I’ve enjoyed your work for years.

The reason for this correspondence is the statement you made in Mexico about the proposed border fence. Like you, I was proud that America had open and free borders, and the only reason I am pro-fence now is one of pragmatism.

We have had numerous immigration laws, both federal and state, and they have proven to be unenforceable. On the other side we have attempted several “amnesty” type programs allowing illegal aliens a way to stay here legally and provide a path to citizenship. These programs have met with the same success that our enforcement attempts have. And now we are at the point where both solutions are unmanageable. The last thing we need is more unenforceable law.

If you favor an amnesty or an enforcement type of solution, it just doesn’t matter, because both will fail without a secure border. Unfortunately, either approach would take an enormous bureaucracy and would still have a poor chance of success, but there would be no chance of success without a secure border.

The only other choice is to forget we have a border, what do you think the consequences of that would be.