Jan 25, 2007

Pfizer Has No Cure For Michigan’s Headache

World wide Pfizer will be amputating 10,000 jobs. John Gallagher a writer for the Detroit Free Press pens an article about Pfizer Inc.'s surprise decision to eliminate 2,410 jobs in Ann Arbor, Kalamazoo and Plymouth Township.

This will be a big hit for the Ann Arbor area which will lose 2,100 highly skilled jobs which ranges from $50k to $100k in annual salary. It is also estimated that the closure of the Ann Arbor facility will also generate 1,000 additional layoffs in all the services from food to construction that they currently contract for.

Besides the facility in Ann Arbor, Pfizer will also close their facilities in Brooklyn & Omaha.


Dave said...

Apparently the Pfired shirts have already been spotted in the area.