Jan 2, 2007

Rosy 2007 Predictions

In the Cincinnati Business Courier - December 29, 2006 by Keith Wirtz here’s an article that lists 10 of the more popular predictions that are being presented by the MSM recently. These 10 come from Keith Wirtz who is president and chief investment officer of Fifth Third Asset Management. They add an eleventh prediction about baseball.

1. U.S. stocks exceed consensus expectation and rise substantially in 2007.
2. The U.S. economy moderates but doesn't stall -- expect growth of 2.9 percent or better.
3. Companies continue to post strong earnings results in 2007.
4. The Federal Reserve initiates a shift in policy by cutting rates.
5. The housing market does not collapse, but instead goes soft.
6. Middle East tensions rise as the regional conflicts become more sectarian, less national.
7. Corporate mergers and acquisitions continue at a phenomenal pace.
8. The U.S. dollar moves lower on a trade-weighted basis.
9. Americans finally get serious about savings.
10. The Year of the Subpoena.
11. Major League Baseball dominates the sports scene in 2007.

We sincerely hope that Mr. Wirtz is correct. Each one on these deserves further discussion