Feb 6, 2007

The Last Word: George Clooney The Frustrated American

How about frustrated Americans

In an interview by NEWSWEEK's Ginanne Brownell Mr. Clooney expressed his thoughts on what it is like being an American in Europe:

“It is probably the worst time ever for us internationally. When you go to Europe, for the most part, they just hate us. Not individually, but they think we are just like these big bullies—and quite honestly, we have acted like that. That has been the most unusual twist in the last few years, having to defend being an American.”

He’s right. Since WWII all of Europe needed help and America answered their need. But after 50 years interjecting ourselves into European politics while maintaining a major military presence there, they now resent the fact that we wouldn’t leave.

Concerning the main street media (MSM) he answers:

“I just worry that we have lost our balls for reporting. We constantly underestimate the intelligence and interest in the audience. The U.S. press took such a pass on the Bush administration that they are as responsible for us marching into Iraq as the administration. There is no question about it. They were afraid to be marked as unpatriotic.”

He fails to mention that the MSM has become the best stage for propagation of progressive liberal programs.