Feb 5, 2007

Response To Neil Cavuto On Minimum Wage vs.Legal Status

If an employer is already breaking the law by hiring illegal workers, then he is breaking two or more laws by not paying them a minimum wage. The problem is in the enforcement. We do not need more laws with more political correctness, we need enforcement of our current law. When that happens, the solution to the issue of illegal workers also begins. Until then all our politicos achieve is more free air-time.

Neil expressed his opinion that the latest numbers on the U.S. savings rate are misrepresented and in our economy is meaningless. Every time people start to ignore basic economic tenants, we learn why they are considered rules the hard way.

There are two distinct attitudes towards our economy, one is that everything is fine and the other is that we our on the brink of catastrophe. Either way the negatives are numerous and enormous, there has to be a time when they are reversed or we will experience some very negative consequences. The U.S. savings rate is just one of them. With the age of our populace, savings through retirement vehicles, should be at its peak.