Feb 8, 2007

What Makes Employees Happy

Every year Fortune Magazine features the 500 Best Companies To Work For. What makes these businesses so popular with their staffs? The perks vary greatly but there are two noticeable consistencies; first would be wages, since two of the top five are grocery stores with managers salaries under $50k and hourly under $12, it’s not amount but that it is in the upper 20% of comparable positions and second are the perks, not that they are overwhelming, but that they are special enough to make the staff members feel special.

If you want to see the top 100
list click here. After reviewing all the companies, the only common threads, as to why these companies were chosen, are low turnover rates and an extraordinarily high number of applications to available job openings. Both of which can have outside influences such as being located in an area with few available openings or an aggressive online presence that produces a large volume of applications.

Take a look, some are predictable and others, well I would need to see more evidence.