Mar 2, 2007

At Ford Job #1 Is To Leave Job

If your interested in what is happening at Ford, Sarah A. Webster a Free Press Business Writer, pens a must read article on She paints a dismal picture of employee moral at Ford that is only aggravated after Ford’s proposed buyout offers were withdrawn for some of the anxious white collar staffers. The offer was originally targeted to trim 10,000 “white-collars” from Ford’s payroll, the overwhelming response in some departments, has caused Ford to rethink the program.

From the article:

“Ford began offering salaried workers three buyout packages in September 2006 in an effort to eliminate 10,000 positions. That was on top of 4,000 salaried jobs already slashed”

“Workers who talked to the Free Press said the high take rate on buyouts -- for both hourly and salaried workers -- shows employees have shaken confidence about management and the future of 103-year-old Ford…”

“Last fall,… Ford also targeted 30,000 hourly factory jobs to be eliminated… Ford reported that 38,000 UAW workers signed up for buyouts during a six-week window that opened Oct. 16 and closed Nov. 27.”

“But rescinding buyout offers for workers who want to leave is corrosive to Ford's already-dismal morale, a few of the employees told the Free Press.”

"My manager told me he knows everybody is looking for a new job," the marketing employee said. "I'm just disgusted with the entire company."

After reading the blogs by several of Ford employees, it seems that things aren’t as bad as the article portraits. The attitude from these blogs is that there is a lot of “noise” being made by a very vocal few. Things just aren’t as bad as being hyped in the press.

If 14,000 white collars are being let go, things just can’t be that great either.