Mar 16, 2007

Bush Abandons Manufacturing

Over the last six years President Bush has signed numerous Trade Agreements with countries in Asia, Middle East and the Americas. These Agreements often ignore human rights issues and have the practical effect of diminishing the ability of American businesses to compete and grow.

In his unexplainable and continuous effort to open the borders while exporting American jobs he is sending to Congress a budget that cuts by more than 55% the funding for the
Manufacturing Extension Partnership.

From a
Kent Hoover article in the Tampa Bay Business Journal:

“The partnership is a network of 59 centers with 350 locations around the country. These centers provided technical assistance and business support services to 16,448 small and medium-size manufacturers in fiscal 2005.”
“They receive state, local and private-sector funding in addition to federal funds.”
“The National Association of Manufacturersalso criticized the proposed MEP cut.”


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