Mar 23, 2007

High Ho High Ho For Delphi It’s Off To Mexico We Go

Since Delphi split from G.M. they have continually blamed the companies abysmal performance on the high costs associated with the manufacturing facilities in the U.S.. Out of 159 manufacturing facilities in 36 countries they started with only 27 of them in the United States. The powers at Delphi have closed plants, laid off workers only to hire less expansive staff and outsourced at every opportunity. Guess what, their abysmal performance is getting worse. Who are they going to blame when there are no U.S. workers left.

Delphi Automotive Systems has informed the union that represents the workers of their Kettering, Ohio plant that they are “considering” outsourcing to Mexico.

From a
Dayton Business Journal article:

“The Kettering plant is one of five plants in Montgomery County. It is part of Delphi's Automotive Holdings Group, made up of plants the company plans to sell or close.”

“Thorpe said a potential buyer is looking at the Kettering plant. Including temporary employees, there are about 800 workers at the facility.”

In a previous article I read that Delphi is committed to closings or moving 22 of their 27 U.S. plants to somewhere else.

From the Delphi Leadership page:

“As leaders of Delphi, we are visible, we are accountable, we are determined. People inside -- and outside -- observe what we say and do. Each and every day, we strive to embody the qualities of leadership through our words, our behaviors, and our commitment to making Delphi a strong and respected corporation.”

Here are the “leaders” that are determined to close the majority of Delphi’s U.S. manufacturing.


Ron West said...

I look forward to the Delphi commercials waving the flag and showing pictures of happy American workers.

So sad.