Mar 5, 2007

Tennessee Supporting Business

These are the types of programs we need to see more of. Preferably at the federal level.

I often have a problem the canned rhetoric that is constantly being printed about the need for higher education. That’s a nobrainer, what companies are very publicly calling for are highly skilled production workers. Those trained in robotics and engineering prints. Most companies are less than willing to incur the expense and time required to hire and send a new employee to specialized training only to have them leave for a variety of reasons.

From a
Nashville Business Journal article by Gwenn Bradley, four years ago Tennessee started an Incumbent Worker Training Program as part of the Tennessee's Department of Labor & Workforce Development that aids companies in recovering the costs involved in that training. The success of this program is evident in the fact that it has grown 50% to 100% a year. This is type of program that all communities need to seriously look at because it creates a base of successful businesses with highly trained residents.