May 28, 2007

Canada - More Trucking Business Unusual

Southern Ontario is losing 150 manufacturing jobs a day. From the London Free Press:

Thomas Assembly Plant: Cutting about 900 jobs with elimination of a shift.

Accuride wheel rim plant: 253 laid off since last summer.

Siemens: The plant that employed 1,300 in 1995 now has 200. That will sink to 50 by the end of 2009.

Dow Chemical Canada: Sarnia plant will close in 2008, cutting 380 jobs.

Sterling Trucks in St. Thomas: Announced 800 layoffs in 2007.

International Truck in Chatham: Announced 640 layoffs.

Dura Automotive Systems: Stratford auto parts announced closure this year, eliminating 280 jobs.

Hendrickson: Stratford truck parts plant announced layoff of about 150 workers.

Mega-Plas: Auto parts plant will shut in August, eliminating 120 jobs.


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