Jun 28, 2007

Hanesbrands Offshoring Visited

As a followup to the previous article.

From the Wal Mart Watch web site, in February, the Workers’ Rights Consortium released a report documenting problems in the Dominican Republic at the TOS Dominicana textile factory. TOS Dominicana is owned and operated by Hanesbrands Inc. and employs nearly 1,100 workers.

According to the report:

The WRC found substantial, credible evidence that serious violations of domestic law and university codes of conduct have occurred at TOS Dominicana. These violations include the unlawful coercion of workers to sign new employment contracts and complaint waivers reducing workers’ employment rights and benefits, forced and unpaid overtime, failure to pay the legally mandated premium for work at night, verbal harassment and abuse, and the use of a range of illegal means to thwart workers’ efforts to exercise their associational rights.

This is where our jobs have gone.