Jul 20, 2007

Altria Optimizes Worldwide Cigarette Production

Is this an accident or a planned timed release of information. In June, Altria announces in a June 26, 2007 Altria Group Press Release that they will be closing their Cabarrus, NC. facility, “optimizing” as many as 2,500. Three weeks later they announce in a July 18, 2007 Press Release an additional purchase of Grupo Carso that takes their ownership to 80%.

From their
Altria Group Press Release:

“PMI is expected to shift sourcing of approximately 57 billion cigarettes from Cabarrus to PMI facilities in Europe by the third quarter of 2008,”

They state that only production for foreign market consumption will be moved. My question is could there also be plans in the works that would cause further moves of U.S. production to Mexican plants for U.S. consumption.