Jul 17, 2007

Sprint - Boomers Under Attack Again

From a DAVID TWIDDY article on Breitbart.com Sprint Nextel settled an age discrimination suit for $57 million. From the article:

“The suit, filed in 2003, claims then-Sprint Corp. illegally moved employees 40 and over to positions that were then eliminated as part of the company's downsizing efforts.”

“"We elected to settle this case so that we can continue to focus on the business," said company spokesman Matt Sullivan.”

As if a single law suit is going to distract Sprint.

Companies’ targeting their highest paid (and most experienced) staffers is nothing new, like UPS or IBM, the difference is the way they go about it. To deliberately transfer older workers to positions that they know would be eliminated is outright discrimination.

But Sprint Nextel is not the only ones trying to gain financial advantage of the Boomers. From the Twiddy article each of the 11 lead plaintiffs received and average of $155,000 and the remaining 1,686 averaged $20,332. Meanwhile the attorneys have to squeeze by on $21.4 million.

But this isn’t the companies’ first age discrimination suit, last May they paid $5.5 million to 462 former employees in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Atlanta.