Jul 18, 2007

G.M. Buying 50% In Italian Diesel Manufacturer

A follow-up to the last article.

G.M., listen up, the answer is not to keep remaking the “super tank” segment of the car market but to bring true American ingenuity into the small and medium market. Take your Saturn brand and make it a superior American made vehicle and they-will-come.

From the
Business First of Buffalo bought a 50% stake into the V.M. Motori S.p.A. from Penski Corp.. As stated in the last article the auto manufacturers see diesel, not Hybrids, as the next step in combating foreign oil and pollution.

Toyota Is Running A One Person Hybrid Race we stated that G.M. will put diesels into their larger vehicles, from the article:

“The plant announced in June that it would start producing a new 4.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine in late 2009 for light duty pickup trucks and the Hummer H2.”

“GM will use a 2.9 liter, V-6, made in Italy by VM Motori, in the Cadillac CTS and Saturn Aura.”


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