Jul 6, 2007

Intel Corp. An Interesting Twist About Their Layoffs

From another Ben Ames article in NETWORKWORLD, in August Intel Corporation will begin releasing 800, from a total staff of 1,300, from their Colorado Springs plant.

Intel has previously announced layoffs of 10,500 and these 800 look to be an addition to that number. I’ve written about Intel before in:
Intel Chipping Away Another 1,000 and Intel Investing 2.5B In New Plant – In China.

The Twist: The U.S. Department of Labor has denied an Intel request for a grant from the DOL’s Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program. Under the TAA, funds are available to offset the cost providing career assistance to displaced workers.

Could Marvell be purchasing their chips from a foreign manufacturer that Intel has an interest in? Or is it that the DOL has decided not to reward a company that is moving so many jobs to lower cost labor areas.