Jul 11, 2007

Motorola, I need your help answering the following questions.

In 2000 Motorola had total global employment of 150,000 and currently they post their global employment at 66,000. What was their U.S. employment numbers currently and in 2000?

I also need employment numbers, global & U.S., for the following companies at the time Motorola purchased, sold or spun them off.

Good Technology, November, 2006
Symbol Technologies, January, 2007
Netopia, February, 2007
Tut systems, March, 2007

In September, 2001 Motorola spun off its government and defense business to
General Dynamics and in 2003 they spun off there semiconductor product sector. What was their employment numbers?

Were there any other companies acquired between 2001 & 2006?