Jul 24, 2007

OPEC & China Worried That Their Draining Too Much From The American Economy

This week OPEC President and United Arab Emirates Energy Minister Mohammed al-Hamli, said that the group was concerned that rising fuel costs might be harming our economy and will increase production, pushing prices down, if they get the whim.

From a
Forbes.com article by Brian Wingfield:

“After years of soaring economic growth fueled by low-cost goods sold abroad, the Chinese government is tapping the brakes on its export industry.”

“Beijing earlier this month dramatically cut the tax rebates that exporters get on more than 2,200 products, including soap, plastics and glassware. For another 553 goods--particularly those that cause pollution and use up a great deal of energy--it eliminated the rebates completely."

“The move is intended to let the air out of China's ballooning trade surplus with the rest of the world, which is projected to reach $250 billion in 2007.”

Could it be that they are just concerned that the patient is being drained to fast?