Aug 21, 2007

LSI - More “Partnering” Lay Offs Coming To Kansas City?

In the last line of the last paragraph in a Matt Andrejczak article on Marketwatch:

”LSI also will transition similar functions at facilities in Singapore and Wichita, Kansas, to current manufacturing partners.”

As written in LSI Leveraging Worldwide Contract Manufacturing Ecosystem = U.S. Layoffs, the company has no intention of retaining any of their American facilities other than the required sales staff. When the following honors were awarded to the LSI facility in Wichita, in 2003, they had total employment of 600. I have not been able to obtain current staffing levels.

Four years ago this facility was honored by the Kansas Society of Professional Engineers and Governor Sebelius:

Largest high tech employer in Kansas receives accolade for contributions to state economy and engineering ingenuity


anonymous said...

I was one of the 35, or so, professional engineers laid off by LSI on the 26th of June 07. Nobody had any advanced warning, in fact, a colleague of mine was recalled from Europe to get fired. LSI was very indiscriminant in who they laid off. One was a seasoned engineer with more than 24 years of service, another, a contract manager with more than 30 years. They laid off an enormous amount of talented people and almost 6 months later, and numerous sell offs, reorganizations, etc, the company is doing worse than before. LSI is horribly mismanaged from the top down. Rather than capitalize and build on the few successes they did have, they moved forward making risky purchases (like Agere). This company (at least the storage division in Wichita) will never recover. What was once a great place to work is now a place of fear and trepidation. I feel that the storage division will either close it's doors, move entirely to a new location (outsource), or be sold off by the parent company and bought by someone else. I truly feel sorry for those left behind. It's going to get a lot worse before it gets better for them.