Nov 26, 2007


Part of a series The Great American Write-Down

CapitalOne (COF) In June CapitalOne had a reported that they were writing off $300 million for the second quarter and stating that they are laying off 2,000. Now that they are reporting their results for an abysmal third quarter, they included another 1,900 to the chopping block. Since I couldn’t find a Press Release on their website I’ll assume that it’s an additional 1,900 and not part of the original 2,000.
I did find one item of interest in their Press Released was one titled Capital One Makes Pigs Fly!
For the third quarter CapitalOne had an $81.6 million loss as compared to a $587 million profit in the third quarter of 2006. That loss was made more drastic by the fact that revenues had increased by a whopping 23 percent.