Mar 4, 2008

JCPenney’s American Living The Ultimate American Sham

JCPenny is flooding the airwaves and other marketing medium with their new line called “AmericanLiving”. The new brand is being manufactured by Polo Ralph Lauren Corp and will be Penny’s feature line for all clothing groups; men’s, woman’s, kid’s, young adult’s and home furnishings. The brand will carry a 15% higher price point than their other lines.

The label itself shows incredible contempt for the American worker by having the bald eagle toting an American Flag then proudly claiming “US Quality Brand”. JCPenny has even used this emblem on the front of shirts, sweaters and even on shoes. In doing so they are exploiting the nationalistic pride we have in America to sell foreign made products. If they would have used American manufacturers I would whole heartedly support the line.

We visited a JCPenny’s store yesterday and when checking the lables we found the following: “Made in Jordan”, “Made in China”, “Made in Vietnam”, “Made in Taiwan”, “Made in Philippines”, “Made in Honduras”, “Made in Macau”.

The closest we get to the US was “Made in Northern Mariana Islands (US)”
View their commercials. DO NOT BUY From JCPenny and be sure to tell them that you will boycott their stores until they start selling American Pride by selling American products.