Nov 16, 2006

Newsroom Layoffs

It depends on the meaning of news.
It was the late 90’s when I became disillusioned with traditional broadcast and newsprint media. The migration of the news sources from delivering current, factual and unbiased news to an mechanism dispensing opinion, commentary and controversy seemed to emerge over night. By the late 90’s partisan reporting had actually been escalating for some time, but it was during the Clinton scandal that it appeared as if every reporter felt compelled to give their personal slant of the unfolding circumstances of the day as news. What made it worse was every opinionated broadcast or article demanded an equally annoying response.

Workplace evolution.
Over that same period of time the economy has experienced some serious bumps, and the one constant has been a drain of manufacturing jobs. Whole industries have been decimated such as steel and textiles, while the outsourcing community has experienced dynamic growth, it has reached into every sector. Articles have abounded about the benefits of outsourcing, how it’s just a required step in workplace evolution. For me, the recent rash of newsroom layoffs, here, here and here has brought the lofty status I had previously given journalists and broadcasters down to the real world. The layoffs haven't been isolated to the print media as NBC announces layoffs at Dateline. I sincerely hope that all those affected, transition well, because it’s only a step in workplace evolution.