Nov 12, 2006

Congrats to Ford & G.M

Both are ahead of Company Goals… in layoffs that is
Ford’s announced layoffs of 75,000 production workers and 14,000 white-collar positions is “a little bit ahead” of schedule, as stated by Ford’s CEO Malally. G.M., not to be outdone by Ford, announced that their restructuring program was up to 28,000 buyouts and is also ahead of schedule.

We’re not sure if the new announcement of layoffs, at Ford’s Wayne, Michigan truck plant, is part of the 75,000. But if its not, it would certainly place Ford as Job #1. As posted in the Record Eagle in Michigan I & W Industries will be closing the Traverse City Plant because Bankrupt Delphi has not renewed its contract and will be purchasing the parts from plants in Mexico.

From Car Buyer’s Notebook: General Motors Recognized for “Outstanding Corporate Citizenship, Innovative and Exemplary Business Practices” in Columbia, South America.

Good ideas have a way of spreading, Volvo and Mack trucks will be shedding over 1,000 jobs at its Dublin, Virginia plant.

And the good news: Micheline Maynard, author of “The End of Detroit” writes about Alabama’s success with plants for Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Toyota and Hyundai. Toyota should open its San Antonio, Texas plant next year employing 4,000 workers.