Nov 11, 2006

Outsourcing: Just one more insult to the American worker

Outsourcing is good for US economy: Microsoft CEO
From Rediff India Abroad Steve Ballmer blames the US government for Microsoft's outsourcing.

"With the US government making it more difficult for people to come into the US from outside, it puts pressure on companies like ours to relatively grow our talent pool in India even faster."

Ballmer also indicated that India accounted for 30% of the world's top software developers and Microsoft was working hard to tap into this talent pool.

For years Americans have been dedicating themselves to learn and get certified by Microsoft. A MCSE certificate can do more for a persons career than a degree. An entire industry sprouted around the training required for a Microsoft Certificate. Now it seems that after years of getting people to pay for their training 30% if the World's top software developers are in India. It couldn't be that they can hire 3 programmers in India for what 1 would cost here in the United States. Or is it that Microsoft has developed a marketing plan that allows them to dominate an entire national market, and it's just India's turn.

If we don't wake up the American dream will be just that.