Nov 11, 2006

Trade deficit will hit high-wage, non-college workers harder than others

This Briefing Paper was issued by the Economic Policy Institute in 1998. It has been proven to be prophetic and could of been written yesterday.
But eight years later the outsourcing community is now going after the professionals.
Care to take a medical vacation? Read this New York Times article "Basking on the Beach, or Maybe on the Operating Table", Patients without Borders: The Smart Traveler's Guide to Getting High-Quality, Affordable Healthcare Abroad or another well written article "Businesses May Move Health Care Overseas"
How about becoming an Engineer? "The Next Big Thing In Offshoring"
If you think your IT or R & D position is safe? "Offshoring R&D Operations to India and China Holds Great Potential for Reinvigorating the Biopharma Industry"
Here's one aspect of outsourcing even I might agree with, lawyers are under attack; "Next, Outsource All the Lawyers" I'm going to have to spend more time on this one. I hope they figure out how to outsource the politicians.