Jan 15, 2007

I don’t get it. Here’s a lesson on how to make $50 mil. disappear.

And what is it (Just ask Pres. Clinton, he seems to have a good handle on the”its” in this world). Anyway, in an article by Patrick Hogan in the Triangle Business Journal, Senator John Edwards has chosen a Chapel Hill location as the headquarters for his 2008 run towards the presidency.

Along the way they will also have to open regional offices across the country, hire a 100 people and have hundreds of volunteers.

Carter Wrenn, a Raleigh Republican political consultant who was campaign manager for Steve Forbes' unsuccessful presidential bid in 1996 says: “It's like building and staffing a $50 million company in a matter of months… and it disappears two days after the election."

That’s not all that disappears, along with our tax dollars we will also lose another chunk of our dignity.