Jan 15, 2007

Imagine That – Governments Making Sense

Laura Williams-Tracy , a contributing writer for the Charlotte Business Journal writes in her article “Rapid growth in Cabarrus aids region: Marshall” about the Cabarrus County, North Carolina Commerce Department. The article is based on an interview with Jonathan Marshall who oversees the department.

From the article it seems that Mr. Marshall has pulled “county functions from planning to building inspections, sediment and erosion control, zoning and community development, all under one roof.”

The county has also taken a step back and looked at their infrastructure; transportation, water and sewers, schools and universities, electrical, communications, housing and land use mix, are all considered to determine the direction that their growth should take.

How smart is it that businesses can go one place for all their permits and know that all of the peripheral issues that are important to the people that are their business are accounted for.

Kudos to Jonathan Marshall