Jan 15, 2007

New Threads For The Neglected Guy

Finally, us guys have had to do with tattoos, piercings and cut-offs shirts to individualize their style. But Reuters reports on a mens fashion show by Dolce & Gabbana that attracted over a 1000. With many buyers in attendance get ready to re-style your guy.

Some quotes from the article: “Sharp-lined suits echoed the space theme, also using metallic colours, while razor-thin ties in black, gold and gun metal over white shirts poked out under both the jumpsuits and the slicker suits. There was metallic knitwear -- in both chunky, country-style shapes and slim-fitting.

"I was a bit overwhelmed that there was so much stuff that just looked fantastic," Shears told Reuters after the show.

He picked out bronze metallic suits and white leather lean tailored jackets over jeans as especially attractive to wear.”