Feb 1, 2007

Massachusetts Job Dilemma

This is a case of be careful what you wish for. Massachusetts and particularly Boston has the been placed in the envious position where investment capital and job development have outmatched the areas infrastructure for housing and transportation. With the median price for home ownership now at $315,000 in the state, and the commutes to-and-from work exhaustive, many are attempting to take their skills elsewhere.

Massachusetts is the only state that has experienced a continual labor force contraction between 2003 – 2005 with only the smallest of gains in 2006. Having the most educated work force in the nation and internationally recognized universities has brought the state quality capital investment for R & D, technology and computer sciences. In 2005 Massachusetts can brag that over 10% of all investment capital has ended up there.

A state or an region may put all their eggs in the medical or high-tech basket, but if you don’t balance that with the other 95% of the population, the services required to support the “preferred” positions, will end up looking for areas that do.