Apr 19, 2007

BankAtlantic Divests Itself Of 225 Staffers

As reported on in the South Florida Business Journal, BankAtlantic will be reducing it’s “operating platform” of 225 platforms. The cuts are coming from BankAtlantic Bancorp headquarters, branches and call centers. The pink slip writers seemed to have lost the address of the executive suite.

From the career section of the BankAtlantic Website:

"Join Florida’s fastest growing banking retailer.
7 great reasons to join BankAtlantic!

1. Fun corporate culture
2. Quarterly Stretch Profit Sharing Plan
3. Stability and excitement
4. Competitive compensation packages
5. Continued growth through BankAtlantic University
6. Flexible shifts"
7. Rewards program

Note: It's interesting that there are no press releases concerning these cuts.