Apr 18, 2007

Circuit City Is Now Hiring – Cheap

This is late but still needs to be put out. From a Circuit City press release:

“The company has completed a wage management initiative that will result in the separation of approximately 3,400 store Associates. The separations, which are occurring today, focused on Associates who were paid well above the market-based salary range for their role. New Associates will be hired for these positions and compensated at the current market range for the job.”

“The separations, which are occurring today.” They couldn’t have given a reasonable notice. I’m neither pro or anti unions, but this is a classic example of what takes place if there isn’t one.

From the Circuit City careers page:

"During our history spanning 50-plus years, we have continuously evolved to maintain our leadership in customer service and the consumer electronics industry."

This just demonstrates that Circuit City is no longer capable of managing a higher quality sales staff and wants to become a K-Mart style retailer.

In a previous life I was a Training Director for a company with about 2,000 employees. We purchased all of our AV equipment from Circuit City; they laid it all out, put it together and showed us some tricks that made life easy. What do you think you’ll get now that they are hiring their staff for as little as they can. Would you want to work for a company that has this attitude towards their staff.

Circuit City is officially off my shopping list.


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