Sep 11, 2007

Sprint - The Computer Did It

As written about in Sprint – Boomers Under Attack Again, the $58 million settlement was finalized in Kansas City and the 1,706 plaintiffs will average $21,688 each. The 20 attorneys representing the plaintiffs will have to get by on only a mil each. Sprint also settled a $5.5 suit earlier this year in Atlanta.

From a
Kansas City Business Journal article, Sprint/Nextel blames the mess on a computerized evaluation program that singled these people out. It must have been the “computer” that moved older workers to departments that the “computer” decided to disband. It was also the “computer” that programmed itself to make it difficult for a higher paid and more senior worker to be as productive and their lower paid counterparts.

If Sprint would have gone about this in an open and honest way by offering the senior workers a fair compensation package, the only losers would have been those 20 attorneys.