Jun 26, 2008

Country of Origin COOL Will Finally Happen

According to the USDA website: “On May 13, 2002, the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002, more commonly known as the 2002 Farm Bill, became law.” This legislation was delayed twice and is now scheduled to be implemented September 8, this year.

The part that doesn’t make sense is that the fruit, meat and vegetables that we import are already identified, on the outside of there packaging, with the country of origin. It would be a small inconvenience to carry that information to the display. The only reasoning for not posting the Country of Origin with the product being sold would be that the retailer doesn’t want to handle the questions or comments that their customers might have.

But this is a huge step forward in the fight to keep jobs in America. Would Hershey be so aggressive in their closing of the Reading, Pa, plant if they knew that their Peppermint Patty Brand would have to be labeled “Hecho en Mexico”