Jun 26, 2008

The Media Spotlight Catches Nielsen Outsourcing, Downgrading Full-Time Too Part-Time And Aggressively Abusing H-1B Visas

Theresa Blackwell penned a very good article in the St. Petersburg Times on the commitment by the powers at Nielsen to do everything possible to cut payroll. The controversy justifiably received national attention on the Lou Dobbs Show who emphasized the H-1B Visa abuse. Nielsen while putting Americans out of work is replacing the positions with H-1B Visa holders from India.

I’ve consistently written about H-1B Visa abuse and how companies, tech companies and our universities in particular, have shamelessly imported staff where there should have been more than a sufficient supply of qualified Americans to fill the positions. The only motive for the push to hire foreign staff would be to cap salary ranges.

From Ms. Blackwell’s article:

“Just four days ago, Nielsen gave up $3.1-million in future incentives for creating new jobs in Oldsmar, saying the controversy over the government money had become a distraction for employees and a source of conflict with the city.”

This would not be such a controversy or distraction if the Nielsen Company wasn’t absolutely committed to replacing U.S. workers with H-1B Visa holders.

One other point of contention that the article brings up but does not emphasize is the ratio of full time to part time employees at their Dunedin facility. With 4.4 part-time or temporary workers to every full-timer demonstrates that a desire to cut costs by cutting benefits.

Would this be the type of company you want to work for; maybe if you’re from India. You can browse the Nielsen Careers Page here.

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