Jun 26, 2008

Gloucester Pregnancies – Bush Did IT!

Of course this depends on the meaning of “it”.

Earlier this week I watched the press conference held by Gloucester Mayor Carolyn Kirk concerning the high pregnancy rate at their high school. The story of a "pregnancy pact," by at least eight students, was reported on by Time Magazine who listed Principal Joseph Sullivan as their source. Since then Principal Sullivan has been mum and because of privacy concerns only several girls have come forward who claim no knowledge of a “pact.”

What amazed me about the press conference was that Mayor Kirk insinuated that sex education has been cut because of Bush’s No Child Left Behind Program. Yes, it was Bush’s fault that these girls got pregnant. Since the mandated program was under funded the school system had no choice but to cut other programs such as Sex Ed. The fact that Governor Patrick refused to accept a $700,000 funding package to help pay for abstinence training had nothing to do with it.

What would have happened if these girls took a virginity pact, for sure there would much less attention and publicity, I would also assume they wouldn’t become the Prom Queen. But then at least they would have a Prom without a baby strapped to their back.

What media ignore about teen pregnancy pact by Jill Stanek

Principal Sullivan has just issued a written public statement.