Nov 27, 2008

Citi Is A Town Full Of Problems

Their exposure doesn't stop with sub-prime, with hundreds of billions in off-the-books liability, they still have hard times in front of them. Substantial problems in commercial paper, credit cards and autos are still to come, where do they go from here?

From an AP article on “The government has decided that guaranteeing hundreds of billions of dollars in possible losses and injecting $20 billion more into Citi trumps the alternative: a panic that could leave retirement accounts and investment portfolios of millions of ordinary Americans in tatters and shove more people out of jobs.”
Analysis: Why Citi had to be rescued

View from the Radcliff India: “There's only one reason to agree to such terms, says Ellison: to stay alive."There are capitalists all over the place, but no one wanted to do the deal," he adds. "This is chemo. They need this capital to stay alive."”
If Citi's in such a mess, what about other banks?

From the WSJ online: “The Bush administration's rescue of
Citigroup Inc. is creating new confusion about the government strategy to shore up volatile markets.”
Uncertainty on Strategy in Citi Rescue

From the Arab News: “Citibank went into overseas markets long before its competitors and often secured an inside track by attending to the financial needs of government elites and leading local organizations.”
Editorial: Implications of Citibank bailout

From an AP article in the Columbus Dispatch: “Citigroup Inc. said yesterday that it will slash 53,000 more jobs in the coming months… Earlier this year, the New York-based financial giant trimmed 22,000 jobs.”
Citigroup shedding 53,000 positions

Citibank is cutting another 53,000 from its payroll, on top of the 22,000 job cuts it has already announced. This follows at least 17,000 last year.

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