Nov 7, 2008

The Insult Is Complete At LandAmerica

In August of 2007 I wrote an article, LandAmerica Leaves Much To Be Admired, little did I know that my LandAmerica article would have such a lasting quality. There may be only 11 comments but the consistency tells a condemning story of a company whose management can guide the ship during calm seas but are clueless as soon as the seas get rough.

It looks as if the final insult to the good people at LandAmerica will come from the $150 million in synergies Fidelity National will achieve
(from their Press Release) by this merger. To me it doesn’t look like a merger, it looks as if Fidelity is buying their accounts & agents and will be laying off the majority of LandAmerica’s staff that still remains after a year of endless layoffs.

As much as I dislike giving attorneys money, it would seem prudent for the LandAmerica employees to secure legal consul to ensure that they receive any and all compensation promised. At this point of the merger any legal action would have to be dealt with expeditiously. If anyone has retained consul, please post their consuls contact information on the comment section below so others may join as a group.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to all of LandAmerica’s staff.