Aug 19, 2009

Arlene Specter Does Not Want Your Health Care Comments

I tried to E-mail Senator Specter with my opinions on the health care debate and found out he does not want them. This seemed strange because he was out front with his Town Halls, but after viewing his website I have decided that the Town Halls were more of a politically inspired defensive move than an honest interest in what his constituents are thinking.

When you use the contact section of his website you’re asked to specify the subject that you are referring to. There are seventeen different categories and when you select Health you’re asked for a subcategory: Medicare, Medicaid, Abortion, Nutrition and so on. There are selections for just about everything like Gun Control, Card Check, Amtrak, FEMA, Food Safety, Climate Change, Endangered Species, Cemeteries, HIV, Asbestos, Hunger and even a category on The Sudan. But if you have a comment on the Health Care debate or on a new legislative initiative, he doesn’t seem to be interested.

I’ve only been in Pennsylvania for five years so I’m not sure what qualities Specter had to become the state’s longest serving Senator. From what I’ve seen, in these five years, whatever positive qualities that first endeared him to the voters in Pennsylvania, are now gone.