Oct 2, 2009

Palin – The Anti Change Thing

In a Colgate Maroon-News article the authors made a strong argument that Sarah Palin lacked the intellectual depth to lead the country and if given the chance, would represent the GOP to a resounding defeat.

This is a true case of be careful what you wish for. The American people didn’t vote for Obama’s superior scholastic accomplishments or his homiletic discourse, they were just bored with a do nothing Bush and voted for a change in government. Now they are surprised to find out that it is government that wants to change them.

Palin took on the incredibly strong oil lobby in Alaska and then cleaned house throughout the upper levels of the Alaskan politically elite. This gave her the highest approval ratings of any Governor or Congressmen in the United States. Then why has she become the over-night archenemy of the intellectually advantaged, the villainess extraordinaire whose every word or deed is proof positive that she is unfit for anything but commonality.

Could it be that those who strive to be intellectually superior just will not accept that her overly simplistic and populace approach is the change that is needed. Some solutions require the elimination and not the addition of bureaucratic layers and the reclamation of constitutional fundamentals. After two hundred years of becoming the country that most want to emulate, we need to stop over-thinking this change thing.


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